[Gambas-user] I added "External Tools" to my gambas :)

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 20 06:00:11 CET 2022

You know how like Pluma has the really handy "External Tools" feature that
lets you run any script and input the result into the document.
Or just run a script on the document text.
Many uses, very handy.

Well i've added it to gambas :-\

Check this post out where there's a little info on it, a link to the gitlab
branch and a clip of it in action...
(Benoit's going to cringe at the code :) lol)

Non-perfect code aside I'm going to find this very useful for some custom
functions :)

Benoit, you should so very much do this with gambas.
Then there would be a million things we could get our gambas's to do, the
biggest plus being that you would not have to :)

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