[Gambas-user] Cross distribution update madness

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 20:32:48 CET 2022

make sure apt does not have it.
sudo apt-get remove "gambas3*"

manually delete the gambas3 folder in /usr/lib and in /usr/share
sudo rm -fr /usr/lib/gamba3
sudo rm -fr /usr/share/gamba3

delete all gambas files from /usr/bin
sudo rm /usr/bin/gb*3*
sudo rm /usr/bin/gambas*

delete $HOME/.local/share/gambas3

that should be about all you need to completely clean out for a fresh

Always be sure to use 'make uninstall' first if going from compiled version
to repo version
Always be sure to use 'apt-get remove gambas3*' first if going from repo
version to compiled


On Mon, 10 Jan 2022 at 19:23, Rolf-Werner Eilert <rwe-sse at osnanet.de> wrote:

> On my laptop, a new install destroyed my Gambas.
> As it seems, I once had installed 3.14 manually (make). Don't know if it
> was removed properly. Then there was a 3.16 over it.
> The repo is teams.
> I removed 3.16 and wanted to make a proper reinstall, but each time I
> try I get this message now:
> Die folgenden Pakete haben unerfüllte Abhängigkeiten:
>   gambas3-runtime : Kollidiert mit: gambas3-gb-gui aber
> 3.14.3-2ubuntu3.1 soll installiert werden
>                     Kollidiert mit: gambas3-gb-gui-opengl
>                     Kollidiert mit: gambas3-gb-jit aber
> 3.14.3-2ubuntu3.1 soll installiert werden
>   gambas3-scripter : Kollidiert mit: gambas3-script aber
> 3.14.3-2ubuntu3.1 soll installiert werden
> E: Probleme können nicht korrigiert werden, Sie haben zurückgehaltene
> defekte Pakete.
> So to me it looks as if there are rests of the 3.14.3 install (with
> make) which cannot be removed by the packager. What can I do? I tried
> "make uninstall", but it ran through without error message and nothing
> changed.
> Thanks for your help!
> Rolf
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