[Gambas-user] GTK Tab focus oddity

Benoît Minisini g4mba5 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 2 20:55:42 CET 2022

Le 02/01/2022 à 20:29, Bruce Steers a écrit :
> Is this a bug?
> with QT if you hit tab it runs through the forms objects until it gets 
> to the last one then it selects the first object after the last and goes 
> round again.
> the opposite if you press the Shift key while tabbing.
> With GTK pressing tab it will go through the objects but then just stop 
> at the last one and not cycle round to the first and go again.
> If you hold shift though it runs in reverse but when getting to the 
> first object it *does* cycle round.
> Respects
> BruceS

Yes. I hijacked the TAB key in both QT and GTK+ components with the same 
routine, to get the same behaviour, but apparently I messed up with GTK+.

Benoît Minisini

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