[Gambas-user] IDE sometimes hangs after being started

Claus Dietrich claus.dietrich at freenet.de
Sat Dec 31 22:34:56 CET 2022

Nowadays the IDE is hanging from time to time right after being startet. 
I have this problem since some time but it became worse and meanwhile 
it's pretty annoying as it occurs after about 25% of all starts. 
Sometimes it even becomes worse and the IDE hangs pretty reliably each 
second start of the IDE.

This applies to my host platform as well as to all VMs which are based 
on Mint 20.3 Mate and Cinnamon and I didn't notice any difference 
between the stable and master version. I didn't have this problem so far 
on my Kubuntu 21.1 (KDE) VM and OpenSuse 15.3 Leap VM (KDE) but use them 

When the IDE hangs I have no other choice than closing it and wait for 
the OS to present its closing dialogue (forced closing or wait). The 
hanging IDE doesn't start any "snowing" when it hangs.

Is there anybody with a similar experience or suggestion?

Best regards


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