[Gambas-user] Unknown symbol 'GetHtml' in class 'WebView'

Benoit Minisini benoit.minisini at gambas-basic.org
Sat Dec 24 18:36:44 CET 2022

Le 23/12/2022 à 00:16, T Lee Davidson a écrit :
> I get the error with gb.qt5.webview. SetHtml(), which is another method 
> that was relatively recently added, works.
> BTW, all the links I clicked on the WebView page 
> (http://gambaswiki.org/wiki/comp/gb.qt5.webview/webview), that are 
> specific to WebView and not its parent "Control", show: "This symbol 
> does not exist."
> Where does the documentation come from? Is it automatically parsed by 
> the Wiki from the source code?

You must wait for the release of the next version to have the GetHtml() 

As for the documentation, I have to write it. The new WebView API is 
similar to the old WebView based of Webkit (except for things like 
getting the HTML contents of the view!).


Benoît Minisini.

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