[Gambas-user] TrayIcon menu icon: always a delay time (Bruce Steers)

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 21:12:37 CET 2022

I was going to mention glaunch as that uses systray icon and makes many
many menu items with pictures all by code.
I've tested it on ubuntu/debian/fedora/others  gnome/MATE/cinnamon/others
and it works just fine.
I use Mint/Mate/Compiz and have no issues.  (it should be pretty similar to
your ubuntu/mate/compiz setup)

I uncommented your code to add the pictures and removed the pictures from
the menu editor and they loaded fine.
Sorry i cannot seem help as I don't seem to get any of the same problems.

Best of luck

On Mon, 19 Dec 2022 at 19:26, CD <claude.dessere at orange.fr> wrote:

> Hi,
> Yes, I use a dark theme, not always very practical.
> We should be able to write it entirely...
> the Timer.delay is actually set to 1s, but I only change the icon every 10
> seconds.
> I have a mistake in the name of the icon but only in the commented code.
> I have another program that has the same behavior, that's why I wrote this
> test
> to reproduce the bug.
> Run it without modifications and observe well, you will see what I write
> in the
> comments.
> as Benoît says it's a mess
> besides I loaded glaunch it doesn't work here, no icon in the system
> dashboard,
> however, I found traces of the gbr3 process of glaunch in the System
> Monitor! I
> will redo in-depth tests tomorrow but what a waste of time
> regards
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> i do not get any problems one i had fixed your code.
> The delay may be because you do it through a 1 second timer.
> i changed the timer.Start instruction to Timer.Trigger to trigger the timer
> right away.
> also in places you had used
> Picture.Load("TestTrayIco16On.png")
> not
> Picture.Load("TestTrayIcon16On.png")
> (the n is missing from Icon)
> Now your program seems to work normally, the colours look fine.
> (are you using a dark theme on your desktop?)
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