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Christof Thalhofer chrisml at deganius.de
Mon Dec 19 09:18:15 CET 2022

Am 19.12.22 um 08:30 schrieb BB:

> Hilary Jane made her debut at 9:37 this morning. Thoroughly civilized
> I'd say, I was just finishing breakfast when I got the phone call. I had
> a good nights' sleep and was considering what to do today. Dad didn't
> sound so refreshed though, he'd been up all night "assisting" - if I
> remember correctly that means trying to stay awake for 26 hours while
> your wife maintains an attitude of "This is all your fault, I'm going to
> kill you!"
> 😁😁😁

Fantastic! Congratulations from here too!


Alles Gute

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