[Gambas-user] The Wiki has two "Special Methods" pages, why?

BB adamnt42 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 19:06:28 CET 2022

They are two quite different topics. For instance, the "language" _Free 
page is about the "_Free" command in Gambas but the _Free page in the 
"developers" is about how to implement the _Free command when using the 
programming interface.


On 16/12/22 4:28 am, T Lee Davidson wrote:
> I was going to add more info to the _free special method documentation 
> due to the "Class behavior: _free method" thread.
> But, we have two, different "Special Method" pages. One lives under 
> "Gambas Programming Interface" in the developer documentation (at 
> /wiki/dev/api/cat/special). And, the other under the "Language Index" 
> (at /wiki/lang/special).
> Do we need to have two? Should they be consolidated into one? If yes, 
> into which one?
> Shouldn't the Language Index consist mainly of keywords, or no?

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