[Gambas-user] OpenGL: How to use VAO and VBO

martin p cristia tercoide at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 15 13:32:20 CET 2022

Sure, boss. I now run some checking before opening the main form into 
Debug; goes like:

glx.Init.2604: Init OpenGL
glx.Init.2641: libGL access: ok
glx.Init.2642: Support VBO: T
glx.Init.2643: Support GLSL: T
glx.Init.2644: Shading version: 4.60
glx.Init.2645: GL version: 4.6 (Compatibility Profile) Mesa 22.0.5
glx.Init.2646: Chipset vendor: Intel

Looks like lastest Ubuntu is pretty much up to date in OpenGL, but it 
may fail in some other systems.

El 14/12/22 a las 18:58, user-request at lists.gambas-basic.org escribió:
> Of course, I can't ensure that you have the same "libGL" library version
> number everywhere. It would be too easy. You must check!


Ing. Martin P Cristia

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