[Gambas-user] Labels are not greyed out under QT5 when their Enabled-Property is False

gian bagoneo at libero.it
Wed Dec 14 22:57:42 CET 2022

Il 14/12/22 19:42, Claus Dietrich ha scritto:
> Under QT5 on Mint Cinnamon Labels are not greyed out when their 
> Enabled-property is set to False. No problem under GTK3.
> First I thought about a theme issue, but then I tested it under a KDE 
> OpenSuse and found, that a Label is only greyed out, when I set the 
> Enabled-Property to False, then to True and once again to False.
> A bug?
> Regards
> Claus

It also happens here with the attached test.
On Mint 21 with the master version the label property does not work, on 
Kubuntu 22.04.1 again with the master it works on the third click

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