[Gambas-user] Date chooser/date box default mode

T Lee Davidson t.lee.davidson at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 17:15:21 CET 2022

On 12/14/22 02:43, BB wrote:
> *Firstly I don't know if this is something I have done in our local version, but even if I try the clean Gambas I still get the 
> same effect (the reason will become clear).*
> Suddenly, if I open a form in the IDE, do something and then run the project the datechoosers and dateboxes show up as if their 
> modes were set to DateTime. If I look at the the .form file there is no "mode ="  line (as expected because that's the default 
> i.e. in the IDE form designer the Mode property is "DateOnly"). So I have to edit the .form file and insert a "mode = 0" line 
> for each datechooser and datebox. Which is getting tiresome.
> Did something change recently regarding these controls? I have looked at the source in comp/src/gb.form as hard as I can and 
> have diffed between the native and our version but there seems to be no difference at all.
> The problem seems to be the IDE is dropping that "Mode = 0" line when it saves the form.
> tia
> bruce

I don't know if this is even relevant because I don't know what version you're running. But, with v3.17.3, I cannot reproduce 
what you describe with the Mode of a DateChooser or DateBox changing to DateTime upon execution.

It would make sense, as you mentioned, that the Mode definition line in the form's file would get dropped on save if the Mode in 
the IDE is set to it's default value; no matter what you may have manually added to the file. So, I don't see how the IDE 
behaving sensibly would be the problem. It must be elsewhere.


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