[Gambas-user] Date chooser/date box default mode

BB adamnt42 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 08:43:13 CET 2022

*Firstly I don't know if this is something I have done in our local 
version, but even if I try the clean Gambas I still get the same effect 
(the reason will become clear).*

Suddenly, if I open a form in the IDE, do something and then run the 
project the datechoosers and dateboxes show up as if their modes were 
set to DateTime. If I look at the the .form file there is no "mode ="  
line (as expected because that's the default i.e. in the IDE form 
designer the Mode property is "DateOnly"). So I have to edit the .form 
file and insert a "mode = 0" line for each datechooser and datebox. 
Which is getting tiresome.

Did something change recently regarding these controls? I have looked at 
the source in comp/src/gb.form as hard as I can and have diffed between 
the native and our version but there seems to be no difference at all.

The problem seems to be the IDE is dropping that "Mode = 0" line when it 
saves the form.



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