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Tue Dec 13 09:02:05 CET 2022

On this page <https://gambas.sourceforge.net/en/main.html#> in the wiki 
there is a link <https://sourceforge.net/projects/cppdictspell> to a 
sourceforge component for a component that lets one use the aspell spell 

I have used this several times over the last years (it was written in 
2014) but now I can't get it working! Old-timers disease probably.

I have had a look through the farm but have not found anything quite 
similar. Can anyone help with either:

  * how I could resurrect the download (when I try to extract and
    compile it the resultant project is full of sourceforge garbage,
    tried cleaning it out but that didn't work)
  * where is a usable spell checker I could employ instead.



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