[Gambas-user] OpenGL: How to use VAO and VBO

martin cristia tercoide at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 12 23:45:29 CET 2022

Hi, I am trying to update a program with non deprecated methods that use 
Shaders. I can't find how to pass data to the GPU using functions like:

   glGenBuffers(1, VarPtr(Id))                     'Create a vbo Id
   glBindBuffer(target, Id)                           'activate vbo id 
To Use
   glBufferData(target, dataSizeBytes, data, usage)     'upload data To 
video card

and others.

They are not present in the GL component, and I can't access them as 
External librery like:

Library "libGL"

Public Extern glDrawBuffer(iBuff As Integer)

due to "LibGL.so not found" error.

Does anyone has a working example on this?

Thank you.


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