[Gambas-user] More "really broken" gambas

BB adamnt42 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 12 09:11:15 CET 2022

AAARGH. Ignore the attached project, I just realized its full of local 


On 12/12/22 6:38 pm, BB wrote:
> OK maybe me, its only happening with this project. But still, I don't 
> know what's causing it or why.
> On 12/12/22 11:55 am, BB wrote:
>> With latest the IDE form editor has become infested with a demon! I 
>> select one control and try to move it, an entirely different control 
>> (the last one added I'm fairly sure) is suddenly selected and it moves.
>> QT5 form. The "Fix debugger. Do not try to optimize the shape when 
>> using the image editor line selection tool." patch.
>> ???
>> b
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