[Gambas-user] Trying charts - how to do that?

gian bagoneo at libero.it
Sun Dec 11 13:45:19 CET 2022

Hi Dag sorry for the late response,

Il 11/12/22 01:41, Dag JNJ ha scritto:
> Mate 22.04.1 - so Ubuntu

Perfect, then, as Fabien suggested you can easily install the stable 
from PPA as indicated here:


Remember that first you must remove the Gambas already installed.

> And as I saw what you wrote earlier totally agree to try to make Gambas 
> "all-in-one", also due to all the knowledge I noticed here. I'm sorry I 
> can't help very much with that, I'm only a humble front-end-developer 
> using simple MySQL tables.

If one is willing and able a way to contribute can be found, perhaps not 
right away but later when one has become familiar with this fabulous 
language. :-)

  I like to play with Gambas, since very early,
> although it can be hard to find the right syntax sometimes. Like my 
> struggle with Chart and DrawingArea.

Don't worry now almost everything works, examples from Farm and lessons 
from the German book, there are a couple of errors in Fabien's test*.

If you don't already know, you can download from here:


the folders containing both Gambas Master (development) and Stable (to 
unzip use 'extract here' from right-click).
Inside the folders is Benoit's Gambas code for the IDE and whoever 
created the components in Gambas (e.g., Fabien for gb.chart).
To see the IDE code, start Gambas and navigate like this from inside the 
unzipped folder:
gambas-master > app > src > gambas3
To see Fabien's code:
gambas-master > comp > src > gb.chart


as I told Dag there are a couple of glitches on the test (FTest) of the 
gb.chart component
MTools reports the error: "Not an object" on line 288 and Type. 
ColumnsLineCombination shows only the lines.
The rest works fine.



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