[Gambas-user] Speaking of using common linux tools

BB adamnt42 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 11 12:30:03 CET 2022

On 11/12/22 8:45 pm, Fabien Bodard wrote:
> normally you just have to modify the .Desktop content and set
> the entry :
> NoDisplay=true
> so the menu or Desktop will not show it.
> -- 
> Fabien Bodard

Well, that didn't work. It's still visible on the desktop (xfce4, or 
whatever the damned things called)

and it still runs the executable.

I'll try to explain a bit more.

I have a project that needs, at the moment, to be only run in the IDE as 
it has a bunch of debugging things in it. I don't really want to delete 
it for various local "tweak" reasons. Instead I would like to insert a 
little command at the front of the "Exec=" that just pops up a little 
window saying "Don't run this, you fool, use the IDE until further notice".

It's not a big thing, but I would like to look further down the line to 
be able to set this in the project when I make the executable and 
therefore the desktop icon so I can stop myself doing things that need 
debugging. Make sense?

Nevermind, I'll probably stop creating the desktop entry when I build 
the thing.



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