[Gambas-user] Trying charts - how to do that?

gian bagoneo at libero.it
Fri Dec 9 11:12:38 CET 2022

Il 09/12/22 10:56, Tim Dickson via User ha scritto:

> in other-words, having a component that talks to gnoplot behind the 
> scenes, and exposes the presentation options available, and takes the 
> data as a property. That way you learn the "gambas" graph component, 
> rather than directly learning about gnuplot, it just becomes a 
> dependency for that component. the output svg could have it's own 
> "image" object, or allow to be written to an image/picture object, or 
> printer.
> that would be nice, but someone has to write it :-)
> Tim
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I don't understand what you mean, gb.chart is already there and it works 
and is easy to use for those who have working Gambas, gb.chart2 is in 
the works.



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