[Gambas-user] Trying charts - how to do that?

Christof Thalhofer chrisml at deganius.de
Fri Dec 9 09:14:33 CET 2022

Am 09.12.22 um 01:31 schrieb gian via User:

> Fabien had started to rewrite the gb.chart project to version 2 but then
> had to stop.
> At this link (*) I attach a sample movie of the new component.
> I would be curious to know if you could replicate it with Gnuplot; the
> example uses about 20 lines of code (with Fabien's skillful work behind it).
You can do many things with Gnuplot, even interactive or animated 
charts, but that's a topic I haven't covered yet. I use only basic 
functions of it.

This is an impressive website about Gnuplot:


The video with gb.chart2 looks impressive though!

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