[Gambas-user] Communications protocols available in Gambas

T Lee Davidson t.lee.davidson at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 23:27:55 CET 2022

On 12/7/22 10:40, Martín Belmonte wrote:
> The server machine that receives requests such as turning on/off a light or returning its status.
> On the other hand, the client machine is where the user sends the requests to turn on/off or request the status of a light.
> I never did this kind of programs but if I manage to do something I think I will start an interesting stage of development of 
> systems like weather stations, greenhouses and things like that.
> So I'm looking for a communication protocol that allows me to turn on 
> and off lights on the scoreboard but then I can use it to do more things.

There are SocketServer and SocketClient examples on the Gambas Software Farm. Click on "Examples", then select "Show filters", 
and enter "socket" for the filter.

Those should get you started.

To keep anyone from connecting to your server and messing with the lights, you'll probably want to implement an authorization 
key that the client must know to identify itself to the server.


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