[Gambas-user] Communications protocols available in Gambas

Martín Belmonte mbelmonte at belmotek.net
Wed Dec 7 16:40:31 CET 2022

El 7/12/22 a las 15:59, T Lee Davidson escribió:
> Yes. You didn't mention other machines, just other programs. If you 
> want to communicate between machines, the most generic 
Sorry I didn't mention it, but yes I want to communicate two machines, 
one raspberry pi 3 or 4 that recibe orders (gambas server program) 
although WIFI network (it controls the lights in a Scoreboard for rugby 
stadium) in the other hand, the second machine is running a gambas 
program that send the orders to turn on/off the lights (gambas client 
> option would be to use sockets.

> What is meant by that? Are you using "<PROTOCOL>" to represent a 
> communication channel between programs written in Gambas and Other 
> [programming language(s)]?
Yes, in first place I'm interesting in comunicate 2 machines where both 
of them has a gambas3 program to do it. Then when I learn how to 
communicate GB3-GB3 y wondering to comunicate Gambas with other kind of 
devices like X10 but is the next step.
> The communication protocol should be suited to the service 
> architecture. What architecture do you have in mind?
> client/server?
> peer-to-peer?
> other?

Client / server.

The server machine that receives requests such as turning on/off a light 
or returning its status.
On the other hand, the client machine is where the user sends the 
requests to turn on/off or request the status of a light.

I never did this kind of programs but if I manage to do something I 
think I will start an interesting stage of development of systems like 
weather stations, greenhouses and things like that.
So I'm looking for a communication protocol that allows me to turn on 
and off lights on the scoreboard but then I can use it to do more things.

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