[Gambas-user] Trying charts - how to do that?

Dag JNJ gambas at cd-bahia.com
Wed Dec 7 01:15:50 CET 2022

Am 06.12.22 um 22:53 schrieb Fabien Bodard:
>     was afraid of that. Then I have to fight with DrawingArea I assume.
>     Dag
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> I have wrote this there is so many years... It need to be fully re 
> writted. Maybe one day
> -- 
> Fabien Bodard
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Another problem turned up - the examples with DrawingArea seems all to 
use gb.qt4 (tried with gb.qt5 and gb.qt5.ext too) so when I start the 
program I get the error-message /The program returns the value //1/ 
that's it. I'm not sure at all what could be the reason for that error, 
but several of the projects I installed from the Software-Farm does the 
On the other hand, when I try to place only a DrawingArea and a button 
on the form and make this:

/Public Sub Button1_Click()

   Draw.Line(15, 15, 20, 20)

I get the error-message /Cannot paint outside of Draw handler
You see me somehow confused, am happy for any help.
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