[Gambas-user] gb.map Sort of aside - geonames alternatives

BB adamnt42 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 12:16:32 CET 2022

For some time we have been using geonames to provide the geo-location of 
some "point of interest" to us, such as the location of "Chapel Hill 
Winery, SA, Australia". This has now become fairly useless as either the 
data point does not exist in their database or it returns more results 
than can be reasonably parsed. However I digress.

What I am wondering is how to

1) put a "flag" by which I mean one of those google.maps red golf balls 
a red tee type of thing on a gb.map that shows the location of the 
winery ifof we can find it,

2) add into the map popup menu a "Center map here" item to redraw the 
map with the current mouse positioned centered there

3) (aside) is anyone aware of something better than geonames which is 
becoming less relevant as time goes by. (Please don't suggest google 
maps, we don't need more advertisement links than the current 3 
gazillion sites per request.)

The basic use case is

* the user enters a name for a winery,

* project searches for a geographic point with the same or similar name 
(in Australia!)

* project displays an openstreetmaps set of tiles with the winery name 
in the center of the map (don't worry I can handle the zooming)

* user plays with the map until they are happy about where the winery 
is. (Again, no problem apart from the above like the "flag" and 

* use case ends and we all have a merry St Egwin's Day



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