[Gambas-user] Last compiler change

Christof Thalhofer chrisml at deganius.de
Mon Dec 5 10:25:40 CET 2022

Am 04.12.22 um 20:25 schrieb Benoit Minisini:

> In the last commit, I tried to make the compiler more clever when
> deciding if an identifier is a reserved keyword or not.
> I checked all Gambas projects in the Gambas source tree, but some of
> your projects may not compile anymore. In that case, please report so
> that I fix it!

The projects I tested compiled well, but the test of 'gb.test' crashes 
now with:

# Ausgeführt: 'Testsuite: All good'
# 1 tests failed:
# 1: ? -- TAllAsserts.Error crashed with error 'Type mismatch: wanted 
Boolean, got Function instead' in 'Assert.Error.275'

Also the GambasSelfTest crashes with the same error.

Maybe you should run the GambasSelfTest by default after changing things?

Alles Gute

Christof Thalhofer

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