[Gambas-user] just to report , but it is strange

Charlie Reinl Karl.Reinl at Fen-Net.de
Sun Dec 4 20:49:18 CET 2022

	this I wrote Sun, 13 Nov 2022 to the user of  DBReport3.
whiles at version 3ea84d119bf15d305b0adde0fef5846c740b1cab got
 09/06/2022 all where Ok, after checking out today
version 795cd79f61b7a9d8cf1d4bbc69ce2e6869d8e1d2 I'v got an error in
clsPrinter class line 33 'Me.Resolution = 600' something like 'no Value
If you face this error, to solve is just to recreate the executables.
Two days ago the same error message with an app I use almost daily, and
the solution was the same recompiling all.

I'm still using version 795cd79f61b7a9d8cf1d4bbc69ce2e6869d8e1d2, maybe
another OS update caused this.  

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