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Dag Jarle Nerland Johansen - Gambas gambas at cd-bahia.com
Sun Sep 5 15:10:43 CEST 2021

Am 05.09.21 um 13:47 schrieb Gianluigi:
> Il giorno dom 5 set 2021 alle ore 13:01 Dag Jarle Nerland Johansen - 
> Gambas <gambas at cd-bahia.com <mailto:gambas at cd-bahia.com>> ha scritto:
>     Hi again.
>     Benoit's way worked best for me. I got a little confused in how to
>     address an array, I have to read more about arrays. For me arrays
>     always
>     have simply been a list of elements, here an array seems to have an
>     exended meaning. Anyhow, thanks to all.
>     Regards, Dah JNJ
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> Could it be that the slowdown is due to how you load the data into the 
> form?
> Do you use a gridview, do you use the data event to load it?
> See this: http://gambaswiki.org/wiki/comp/gb.qt4/gridview/data 
> <http://gambaswiki.org/wiki/comp/gb.qt4/gridview/data>
> Be that as it may, Tobias suggested uploading the data like this:
> Dim aData As String[][] = [["a", "b", "c"], ["b", "c", "d"], ["c", 
> "d", "e"], ["d", "e", "f"]] ' etc.
>   For iRows As Integer = 0 To aData.Max
>     For iColumns As Integer = 0 To aData[0].Max
>       Print aData[iRows][iColumns];;
>     Next
>     Print
>   Next
> Regards
> Gianluigi
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I doesn't load anything at all on a form, it just generates a form and a 
class depending on MySQL-tables. To be flexible I made some 
parameter-tables, which I loop through. The program first reads the 
structure of the table I want in the parameter-table, where I modify the 
data and then generate the form. For different routines in the 
target-program I have to loop over and over again. My first version made 
a program in a second, now I use minutes (Perhaps the progress-bar slows 
down though). I also looked at SQlite, but then have more work with the 
transfer of the data. (can not read my .sql-files, and .csv come without 
header although set to so). The research doesn't pay. I take the 
slowness and concentrate on making a functional program. The target 
program is fast enough, and I will not create so many programs  with the 
generator in the future. a hobby anyway, I am retired.
Regards, Dag JNJ

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