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David Silverwood the_watchmann at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 14 12:56:02 CEST 2021

Hi All
I came across a very strange occurrence, not sure what the problem may be.I have a couple of database interfaces (sqlite3), however (and this is only the second time this has occurred) I found that when creating tables gb sometimes kicks out 'gbSerial' as in the following code:
    hTable.Fields.Add("REF", gb.Serial)    hTable.Fields.Add("DATE", gb.Date)    hTable.Fields.Add("INVOICE", gb.String)    hTable.Fields.Add("QUANTITY", gb.Float)    hTable.Fields.Add("DESCRIPTION", gb.String)    hTable.Fields.Add("PRICE", gb.Float)    hTable.PrimaryKey = ["REF"]    hTable.Update
I can only assume I am missing a library somewhere, however, when I checked the components on the other interfaces, they were all the same... so I have two interfaces that don't work and the rest do... (not in the same program). Can someone shed some light on this, please? What exactly have I done wrong on the 2 'problem children'?PS. I used the gb.db and gb.db.form components
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