[Gambas-user] Autocomplete would be good if it could list all _ methods

Rolf-Werner Eilert rwe-sse at osnanet.de
Thu May 20 12:33:03 CEST 2021

Am 20.05.21 um 12:11 schrieb Bruce Steers:
> It would be handy for learning if when writing functions like
> Public Sub _new()
> Public Sub _init()
> etc.
> if Autocomplete could list all functions starting with _  when _ is the 
> first char used it would be really useful to see all the available 
> special methods.
> Just thought i'd suggest that :)
> Wishing well
> BruceS
> ----[ http://gambaswiki.org/wiki/doc/netiquette ]----

Oh yes, Bruce. The events aren't in the help with F2. For instance, you 
have Table_DblClick() you point to DblClick and press F2 - nothing happens.

This has been missing forever.

However, typing Public Sub Table_ opens the autocomplete list of events 
for Table.


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