[Gambas-user] Shell Wait without Freeze Program

Hasan Merkit hasanmerkit at outlook.com
Tue May 18 16:25:30 CEST 2021

Very thanks Bruce Steers,

I used your recommended codes:

            'myProc = Shell "bash -c /home/hasanmerkit/.teteosnet/temp/piluxupdate_up_" & InstallingUpdateID & ".sh"
            myProc = Shell "gedit"

                If myProc.State = Process.Running Then
                    Print "running"
                    Sleep 1
                    Goto StateCheck
                    Print "ending"

But i terminated “gedit”, and continue returning Process.Running = True.
            Print myProc.Running : printing 1
            Print myProc.State : printing 1

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