[Gambas-user] Packagin app in Manjaro

Martin mbelmonte at belmotek.net
Mon May 17 20:59:05 CEST 2021

Hi, Bruce you explain it very clear.


El 17/5/21 a las 18:11, Bruce escribió:
> On 17/5/21 8:32 pm, Benoît Minisini wrote:
>> Le 15/05/2021 à 13:45, Martin a écrit :
>>> Hi,
> (snip)
>>> Other topic:
>>> Then, in the packaging form there are a button called "Cancelar", 
>>> cancel in Spanish. but it really no cancel anyting the button close 
>>> the window, then it could be called "Cerrar" , close in Spanish. is 
>>> not really important but is not correct Spanish. I think the button 
>>> must change the text to "Cerrar" (Close) when the pakages was done, 
>>> what cancel the button ?
>> It cancels the package creation. "Cancel" is the default cancel 
>> button of the Wizard control.
>> Regards,
> [Opinion]
> To be very pedantic, this is not quite correct (and Martin's "it 
> really no cancel anyting the button close the window," is closer to 
> the truth.
> The buttons on the bdottom right of the wizard at every step show the 
> "Cancel" button. The buttons "Previous", "Next" and "Cancel" instruct 
> the flow of the wizard through its steps. At each step when "Next" is 
> selected, certain things in the .project configuration file may be 
> changed. Clicking "Cancel at any step exits the wizard without doing 
> anything else. All changes up to that step are still persisted.
> So at the last step we have a new button at the bottom right "Create 
> Packages" whcih replaces "Next as, obviously, there us no next step. 
> If this is clicked, obviously, the packages are created, but the 
> wizard stays at that step. For the sake of clarity let me call the 
> "Create Packages" button a "psuedo-Next" step that displays the last 
> step again.
> So, in effect, if the user has already clicked "Create Packages" then 
> the "Cancel" button does not "calcel the package creation" it just 
> exits the wizard at that point. Everything done up to that point remains.
> I recall many years ago feeling the same "confusion" as Martin is 
> suggesting. Something like "Exit Wizard" would be IMO "better".
> But are the captions on the wizard navigation buttons settable? I 
> don't know and haven't tried.
> regards
> bruce
> BTW the fact that the project's packaing configuration is saved at 
> each step, although "not intuitively obvious to the casual observer" 
> is a "good" thing!
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