[Gambas-user] Packagin app in Manjaro

Bruce adamnt42 at gmail.com
Mon May 17 18:11:21 CEST 2021

On 17/5/21 8:32 pm, Benoît Minisini wrote:
> Le 15/05/2021 à 13:45, Martin a écrit :
>> Hi,

>> Other topic:
>> Then, in the packaging form there are a button called "Cancelar", 
>> cancel in Spanish. but it really no cancel anyting the button close 
>> the window, then it could be called "Cerrar" , close in Spanish. is 
>> not really important but is not correct Spanish. I think the button 
>> must change the text to "Cerrar" (Close) when the pakages was done, 
>> what cancel the button ?
> It cancels the package creation. "Cancel" is the default cancel button 
> of the Wizard control.
> Regards,

To be very pedantic, this is not quite correct (and Martin's "it really 
no cancel anyting the button close the window," is closer to the truth.

The buttons on the bdottom right of the wizard at every step show the 
"Cancel" button. The buttons "Previous", "Next" and "Cancel" instruct 
the flow of the wizard through its steps. At each step when "Next" is 
selected, certain things in the .project configuration file may be 
changed. Clicking "Cancel at any step exits the wizard without doing 
anything else. All changes up to that step are still persisted.

So at the last step we have a new button at the bottom right "Create 
Packages" whcih replaces "Next as, obviously, there us no next step. If 
this is clicked, obviously, the packages are created, but the wizard 
stays at that step. For the sake of clarity let me call the "Create 
Packages" button a "psuedo-Next" step that displays the last step again.

So, in effect, if the user has already clicked "Create Packages" then 
the "Cancel" button does not "calcel the package creation" it just exits 
the wizard at that point. Everything done up to that point remains.

I recall many years ago feeling the same "confusion" as Martin is 
suggesting. Something like "Exit Wizard" would be IMO "better".

But are the captions on the wizard navigation buttons settable? I don't 
know and haven't tried.


BTW the fact that the project's packaing configuration is saved at each 
step, although "not intuitively obvious to the casual observer" is a 
"good" thing!

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