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On Fri, May 14, 2021 at 1:09 PM Charlie Reinl <

> Salut John,
>  Elt[y] = Replace$(Elt[y], "'", "''") ' Replace single quote with '' (two single) SPECIALLY for D'Bridge
> Hi Charlie,
Thank you for this, firstly for taking the time to look at the code and
secondly for making the suggestion.

I had actually done that, quoting out the single quote, then later figured
it caused more problems than it solved. I decided replacing it with a
substitution character made more sense.
I’ve had this problem with SQLite before with other projects, especially
with trying to store html in a data table, where even “url encode”,
htmlentities or htmlencode don’t cover all the use cases.

Just as the nodelist is already using spaces replaced with underscores, I
figured translating single quotes with a tilde symbol worked well.

or have a look at Connection.Subst (gb.db)
> Thanks for this too. Good to know.
All the best

> Amicalement Charlie
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