[Gambas-user] Update on Kubuntu 20 LTS

Rolf-Werner Eilert rwe-sse at osnanet.de
Mon May 10 16:40:06 CEST 2021

My Gambas is from the /team repo. On Saturday, I had it make an update 
(mainly for Firefox, LibreOffice etc.) on my laptop. There is a Kubuntu 
20 LTS system on this machine.

Updates came, and Gambas updated. There are some Gambas apps on this 
laptop, and they wouldn't start anymore. Gambas IDE started, but when I 
tried to start one of the apps, Gambas crashed with some stack overflow 

So I tried apt-get update again, and now I saw that quite a number of 
Gambas packages had not been installed. Trying

apt-get update gambas3*

installed them all, and now it seems Gambas is running again. I 
recompiled one of the apps and started it, everything running fine.

However, the Gambas icon (the shrimp) has become a giant :)


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