[Gambas-user] A curious thing happens with translations.

Martin mbelmonte at belmotek.net
Sun May 9 21:27:03 CEST 2021

ok, but were is stored the information collected?

Supose this scenario :

App_1 : 10 of 25 sentences translated fromn EN to ES, FR, IT

App_2 : 150 of 200 sentences translated fromn EN to ES, FR, IT

App_3 : 4 of 100 sentences translated fromn EN to ES, FR, IT

If we are working in App_3 there we import translations from App_1 & 
App_2 to App_3 but each sentence imported must be in the 
App_3/.lang/.pot if not the sentence is not stored in the App_3 
translations therefore the library wil not include all the translations 
made in the "others" apps. That is my point.

Actually the interpreter is focused on translate only the current app 
you are right, is possible import the previous translations but only 
from one other app, not many of them.

I'm working right now in a little app to do translations in the way i say.

Is planed share it in a few days, by the farm (if it possible) or by gitlab.

Tanks to take time to answer.


El 9/5/21 a las 20:01, Benoît Minisini escribió:
> That way, you can create your own library of translations by 
> collecting translation files. 

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