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Sat May 1 21:17:31 CEST 2021

El sáb, 1 de may. de 2021 a la(s) 04:48, Bruce Steers (bsteers4 at gmail.com)

> it is precisely because I read Gianluigi's work for real, not just give my
>> opinion without reading it from him, I feel horrified that he was able to
>> use the ODBC work I did ... and yet he found it difficult because of the
>> markdown syntax of gambas
> I've never used odbc , i have no need to  , i just saw his comment about
so wrong ,

we know that ODBC i evil standar from mocosoft.. but unfortunatelly or
fortunately, without it we cannot migrate systems and convert them to free

ODBC is more important than others adapters or the now famous but once
school DBMS mysql, cos without them we cannot interact with real life
bussines software, those that dive us the food and permit us to stay here..
yes.. that devil named ambition and money. unfortunatelly.. we are here
trying to make better the things in eternal fight
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