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Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Sat May 1 10:46:58 CEST 2021

On Sat, 1 May 2021 at 01:59, PICCORO McKAY Lenz <mckaygerhard at gmail.com>

> El vie, 30 de abr. de 2021 a la(s) 03:34, Bruce Steers (bsteers4 at gmail.com)
> escribió:
>> On Fri, 30 Apr 2021 at 03:42, PICCORO McKAY Lenz <mckaygerhard at gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>>> El jue, 29 de abr. de 2021 a la(s) 16:23, Bruce Steers (
>>> bsteers4 at gmail.com) escribió:
>>>> On Thu, 29 Apr 2021, 14:01 Gianluigi, <bagonergi at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>> my brain is aging faster than I hoped and therefore I believe my
>>>>> contribution to translations has now come to an end.
>>>> I'm sure many future Spanish gambas users will be glad for all you have
>>>> done
>>> errr he work in italian gambas pages only.. check history..
>> Wow PICORRO you are so observant and excellent and clever , I wish I was
>> as ç
> it is precisely because I read Gianluigi's work for real, not just give my
> opinion without reading it from him, I feel horrified that he was able to
> use the ODBC work I did ... and yet he found it difficult because of the
> markdown syntax of gambas

I've never used odbc , i have no need to  , i just saw his comment about
translating Spanish.
I thanked him for his work on the Gambas system and didn't just further
slag gambas off because it does not work like I want it to.. ;)  (this is
because I am a nice person)

excellent as you and had as many friends :)
> is easy.. just use facebook as stupid giuy and any meme will come.. make a
> stupid opinion and you will be full of invitations and responses

Yep clearly :)
much like being a new guy and acting like you know it all :)
or being rude to people who are not being rude but trying to help also
works well.

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