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Sun Jun 27 11:30:19 CEST 2021

On Sun, 2021-06-27 at 10:40 +0200, Christof Thalhofer wrote:
> Am 27.06.21 um 08:49 schrieb bb:
> > Yes, I agree. 
> Ok, I told you sth you already know.
> > What I am wondering though is whether MY USAGE problem (loading a
> > new
> > project in the IDE) CAN actually be fixed? I only noticed it when I
> > loaded and ran a little project that looks at what components exist
> > and
> > can be loaded. It showed that all the components used in the
> > previous
> > project were still loaded - which was a bit surprising until I
> > thought
> > about it. If I load it in a new instance of the IDE it just lists
> > gb,
> > gb.debug and gb.eval as being loaded - which is quite correct.
> Hmm, this should not be the case. And I cannot reproduce this
> behavior
> here. If I load a project that requires a certain set of components
> and
> then another that requires a different set, the correct components
> are
> loaded for both no matter how many times I repeat it and even if I do
> it
> the other way around.
> Can that have something to do with "that looks at what components
> exist"?
> Alles Gute
> Christof Thalhofer


Thank you for 
a) taking the time to look at this :-)
b) your answer :-(

Which was was I was afraid of. It's something that is happening here
only. By way of background, we are trying to move away from the distro
we have used for perhaps a decade or more (PCLinuxOS) which is a
rolling release rpm based system to something more "cough" stable. The
reason being that the recent upstream updates to Xorg have been
disastrough for our purposes. So, at the moment I am trying to see if
we can base the co-op on Mint. I was attracted to the Cinnamon desktop.

Fine for me but when I started to migrate our stuff to our source code
server all kinds of stuff has hit the proverbiable "air movement

For your interest I have attached a copy of the little project that
looks at what components are installed. It would probably need a bit of
tender care (with a hammer) to get it to run on whatever your system
is. I have also attached a picture of the madness I am trying to set up
in terms of custom control components and libraries. 

After a reboot the component checker is now working perfectly

I may have to go and sit in the corner under a warm blanket for a
while. >:-)

Rather than put us all through the email poisons, the code for that
project is simply:

' Gambas module file

''' This is for checking which Paddys-Hill components have been

Public Sub Main()

  Dim hComp As Component
  Dim aList As String[]
  Dim idx As Integer
  Dim sComp As String
  ' For Mint!
  Dim sPath As String = "/lib/gambas3"
  aList = Dir(sPath, "ph*.Gambas")
  ' Print aList.Join("\n")

  For idx = 0 To aList.Max
    sComp = File.BaseName(aList[idx])
    If Not Component.IsLoaded(sComp) Then
      Print "*";
      Try Component.Load(sComp)
      If Error Then
        Print "!"; ' Error.Text
    Print idx + 1, sComp ', Components[sComp].Version

thanks again

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