[Gambas-user] Latest ppa: bad package dependencies

Christof Thalhofer chrisml at deganius.de
Sun Jun 27 10:40:11 CEST 2021

Am 27.06.21 um 08:49 schrieb bb:

> Yes, I agree. 

Ok, I told you sth you already know.

> What I am wondering though is whether MY USAGE problem (loading a new
> project in the IDE) CAN actually be fixed? I only noticed it when I
> loaded and ran a little project that looks at what components exist and
> can be loaded. It showed that all the components used in the previous
> project were still loaded - which was a bit surprising until I thought
> about it. If I load it in a new instance of the IDE it just lists gb,
> gb.debug and gb.eval as being loaded - which is quite correct.

Hmm, this should not be the case. And I cannot reproduce this behavior
here. If I load a project that requires a certain set of components and
then another that requires a different set, the correct components are
loaded for both no matter how many times I repeat it and even if I do it
the other way around.

Can that have something to do with "that looks at what components exist"?

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