[Gambas-user] Some questions about Component/Classes/Symbols (Text format)

CD claude.dessere at orange.fr
Fri Jun 25 10:37:40 CEST 2021

Some questions about Component/Classes/Symbols

1) What do the symbols "." for example in 
gb.jit component/Jit class/property "."
gb.map component/class _MapTile/property "."
gb.form.mdi component/Workspace class/constant "."
these symbols do not appear in * .info files
from the /usr/share/gambas3/info directory?

2) Why in the *; list files in the same directory/usr/share/gambas3/info
some class names are followed by an exclamation mark "!", others don't?

3) Why some classes appear with their name preceded by a "^", 
for example gb.image component, classes ^Image and ^color; 
in gb.image.info file no "^" sign? 


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