[Gambas-user] Start IDE in QT5 and LiXCE Desktop (150k pic)

Benoît Minisini g4mba5 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 23 19:40:26 CEST 2021

Le 23/06/2021 à 05:34, james at lixce.com a écrit :
> Thank you Joe1962 and Benoít for the env-var !
> Thank you Benoít for fixing that bug so quickly.
> Benoít: Yes my dev tree has 126 Gambas projects, some of those are
> duplicates because of rewrites.  The count is pushed up because I
> prefer small-single-function programs, For example the file manager
> is made up of about 6 programs, the main window and then seperate
> programs for mounting external drives, setting mime defaults,
> displaying file info, editing .desktop files etc.  That helps with
> the single-threading and I'm not very smart so I have to keep things
> simple.  Many programs start from something I find on the Farm, I do
> my best to credit the original author even if I end up completely
> rewriting all the code.  Most of the games are javascript  that I
> have found various places run in a dedicated WebView wrapper.
> EVERYTHING you see in the attached screenshot was written in Gambas.
> There is a LOT of ugly code and I have been eating my own dog food
> for about three years now.  The new WebView in 3.16 looks like I may
> finally be able to get rid of my non-Gambas web browser.  Lately I
> have been concentrating on integrating with WebDav, CalDav and CrdDav
> using Rclone. There are still a few non-Gambas GUI programs on my
> system, mostly backups like LibreOffice, Chromium and as a last ditch
> Stterm.  Oh, and Cura and OpenScad for 3d printing.  I have NO PLAN
> to rewrite Cura in Gambas but OpenScad could use a better text editor
> ; )
> I DID get 3.16.1 to compile from the Arch repo on ARM64.  It was ugly
> because I could not find a PKGBUILD for 3.16 so I had to edit the one
> for 3.15 and I know nothing about editing PKGBUILD files.  Will try
> to get it installed on my PinePhone in the next couple of days,
> Wayland support should help there.
> Sorry for the long missive,
> Regards -j (LiXCE)

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Benoît Minisini

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