[Gambas-user] Start IDE in QT5 and LiXCE Desktop (150k pic)

james at lixce.com james at lixce.com
Wed Jun 23 05:34:23 CEST 2021

Thank you Joe1962 and Benoít for the env-var !

Thank you Benoít for fixing that bug so quickly.

Benoít: Yes my dev tree has 126 Gambas projects, some of those are duplicates because of rewrites.  The count is pushed up because I prefer small-single-function programs, For example the file manager is made up of about 6 programs, the main window and then seperate programs for mounting external drives, setting mime defaults, displaying file info, editing .desktop files etc.  That helps with the single-threading and I'm not very smart so I have to keep things simple.  Many programs start from something I find on the Farm, I do my best to credit the original author even if I end up completely rewriting all the code.  Most of the games are javascript  that I have found various places run in a dedicated WebView wrapper. EVERYTHING you see in the attached screenshot was written in Gambas.  There is a LOT of ugly code and I have been eating my own dog food for about three years now.  The new WebView in 3.16 looks like I may finally be able to get rid of my non-Gambas web browser.  Lately I have been concentrating on integrating with WebDav, CalDav and CrdDav using Rclone. There are still a few non-Gambas GUI programs on my system, mostly backups like LibreOffice, Chromium and as a last ditch Stterm.  Oh, and Cura and OpenScad for 3d printing.  I have NO PLAN to rewrite Cura in Gambas but OpenScad could use a better text editor ; )  

I DID get 3.16.1 to compile from the Arch repo on ARM64.  It was ugly because I could not find a PKGBUILD for 3.16 so I had to edit the one for 3.15 and I know nothing about editing PKGBUILD files.  Will try to get it installed on my PinePhone in the next couple of days, Wayland support should help there.

Sorry for the long missive,

Regards -j (LiXCE)

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