[Gambas-user] Start IDE in QT5 mode an 3.16.1 on Arch

Benoît Minisini g4mba5 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 21 22:36:28 CEST 2021

Le 21/06/2021 à 06:19, james at lixce.com a écrit :
> Gambas 3.16.1 finally showed up on the Arch repos. They went straight
> to 3.16.1 skipping 3.16 which is good.  Installed on my x86 system
> this morning with some trepidation,  my entire desktop is made up of
> over a hundred programs written in Gambas (even this email program).

What? Do you really mean that?

> No major issues so far, the depricated MovieBox caused a few minor
> problems but was pretty simple to comment out in most cases.
> FileView returning font colors for hidden files limited my File
> Manager but a temporary fix with a couple of Replace statements took
> care of that. I filed a bug report on that one.

It has been fixed, and the fix will be backported in 3.16.2 version.

> The only way I could get the IDE to launch in QT5 mode was to
> uninstall gambas3-gb-gtk3. Would prefer to keep that arround even
> though I build everything in QT.  There is nothing I could find in
> the command-line help or on the wiki. I seem to remember someone
> talking about it on this mailing list fairly recently but could not
> find it in the mailing list archives. I normlly use a customized
> version of the IDE for consistent look and feel with my other
> programs and a couple of special utilities, but will have to do
> considerable updating before it is usable in 3.16.
> Is there an environment variable to set, or a command line option, to
> force the IDE to use QT?


The 'gb.gui' component is the component that chooses the GUI component 
according to that environment variable.

If it is not set, the GUI component is chosen according to the current 
desktop (Qt if KDE, GTK+ otherwise).


Benoît Minisini

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