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> Yep, it crashes here (Mint 20.1)
> The reason is that the Image class returns a Symbol "." (I cant
> remember what this refers to but it's Kind always causes a segfault)
> This will happen for any class that has a "." symbol, not only Image.
> I have an equivalent project that builds a db of all GUI class symbols.
> In it, whereever I put it*, I expressly ignore the "." symbol when it
> is encountered.
> hth
> b
> * We are rebuilding our dev server this weekend, I can't access it atm

> This will happen for any class that has a "." symbol, not only Image.

I do not agree
for example in gb.form.mdi it works perfectly 
with the Workspace class and the ToolBar class, 
each of which has the first symbol ".", 
on the other hand it also crashes with the Action class whose first symbol is a
"." too
what to understand?

Moreover by observing the contents of the file gb.form.mdi.info 
there is no symbol "." 

What does this symbol "." does he match???


Project TestImageQT5-0.0.1.tar.gz  modified with gb.form.mdi 

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