[Gambas-user] About translation form

Martin mbelmonte at belmotek.net
Thu Jun 10 09:52:11 CEST 2021

I would like to share with you some comments about the translation form 
as I can't understand some of its behaviors.

1) Why is it possible to choose several source languages?

Benoît says it is for cases where a word has two different translations, 
but this does not answer the question completely. for example, if you 
translate to es_ES from en_US (default) and then translate from en_US 
(an translation .po) to es_ES then you will have only one es_ES anyway. 
But well maybe this process follows a more convoluted logic and I am not 
able to see it.

2) Why are unnecessary .po files created and deleted?

This last one can have an answer in that the form tries to create the 
system language in the combobox list. But in my opinion this is not 
necessary and even seems to me counterproductive.

Best regards.


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