[Gambas-user] Concordance and reverse concordance for controls

Bruce adamnt42 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 6 12:17:45 CEST 2021

On 5/6/21 12:40 pm, Brian G wrote:
> Might it be easier to add a module to your app that runs thru all the classes and controls and generates a report. When the app is started would much of that info be available thru classes and the control classes and hierarchy ? Which can all be accessed at runtime.

Thanks Brian, that gave me a fresh viewpoint and a "restart".

I realised "suddenly" that all this information is essentially 
unchanging.  So, I decided not to persue it in a "live" fashion but from 
a persisted reference list.
So I created a new project that builds a concordance list and stores it 
in a SQLite database. That takes care of the "forward" side of the 
question, viz: given a control symbol, what other controls also expose 
the same symbol.

But even that is not a trivial exercise. Neither in the creation nor the 
use of the concordance database. Building it takes about 3 hours! And 
there are over 15,000 rows in the "symbol" table. I have created some of 
the very basic queries and they run like a flash.  Did you know that 
there are over 500 hidden methods in the Gambas GUI controls? And some 
of them look quite interesting when I consider the "Why cant the xyzzy 
control do a plugh?" questions that often occur to me.

Anyway, having built the database I now find more things that I 
need/would like to know. But they are for a different thread.


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