[Gambas-user] Correct strategy for VB static var conversion to Gambas?

John Anderson johna at starflightinc.com
Tue Jun 1 17:14:35 CEST 2021

On 5/31/2021 6:12 AM, Christof Thalhofer wrote:
> Hi John,
> Am 31.05.21 um 01:40 schrieb John Anderson:
>> As a concept - This is what we have now in VB code - and we have many
>> hundreds of these function sequences that operate as state machines, and
>> can be called from other state machines above them.
> Thank you for your explanations. I finally understood what it's all
> about. You know, we're just playing the good guy/bad guy game here to
> drive up the price. ;-)
> So I hope Benoît gets the money he deserves when he makes Gambas
> suitable for state machines. You can still put something "for the
> beauty" on it.
> And then have fun with Gambas, it's such a great software to work with!
> Alles Gute
> Christof Thalhofer
I saw your good guy / bad guy message and snorted coffee all over my 
keyboard.   Yeah, I see how it works with the Gambas guys 

Now you know why I wanted a "static" declare - that dramatically changes 
the whole conversion process when we deal with many state machine 
functions.   And now you know why I wanted a Data Breakpoint feature.  
And seeing how some of these sequenced state machines have 5 states, and 
others have hundreds of states...you know why I was asking about a how 
to show just one procedure at a time in IDE.

If you're looking at a module file with many long procedures, it would 
be helpful if there was a way to keep the window vertical scroller bar 
limited to the current procedure or declare section. That makes it 
easy-er to scroll up and down over one very long procedure in a file 
without overshooting top or bottom.  For instance - nothing changes on 
the IDE as it is.  BUT if I open a file with long procedures I can tick 
on an option where the vertical scroller is limited to just one 
procedure or declaration section at a time.  In that mode I select 
procedures to view with the drop-down box that is already there.  Or 
maybe it's MouseAlt-Drag on scroller bar engages "Limit to One 
Procedure" function (ie. use  "Left mouse" button, but we never use that 
term any more so as to not discriminate against left-handers who use 
reversed mouse devices - new docs rules).  It looks like MouseAlt 
function is available on scroller bar.  Or whatever method works best

Of course having one function per module file is another way to view one 
procedure at a time - but that's gonna generate -a lot- of module files 
in our conversion case example.

I'll have to play with different styles.


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