[Gambas-user] .desktop launcher editor with Actions editor (but 2 issues)

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 18 22:55:09 CEST 2021

Right my latest handy app (love the word bruce, love it!! :D )

it edits .desktop launcher files but unlike the other editors this one also
edits Actions
(like how gambas can launch with gtk or qt by right clicking a panel icon)
it's WIP but working enough now to share.

Forum post...
direct download

Here's how my gambas launcher looks in the Actions editor..

I have 2 problems though...
one is drag and dropping files onto it when it's using QT. (mentioned in
another post)
dropping some panel icons onto it only gave a file name with no path.

GTK does not do that and always gives the full path so the app (lication,
sorry Mr b ;) ) is set to use gb.gtk3 (change it to use gb.gui or gb.gui.qt
for qt only systems)

another issue (not gambas related i know) is that after i've saved back a
.desktop file the panel icons do not show the change till net boot up :(
i've tried deleting the file and re-saving it, plus other methods but
cannot get an instant change :(
even xdg-desktop-menu forceupdate didn't work

And advice appreciated.

have a free desktop launcher editor :)
any bugs , fix them yourself  ;)
lol , no sorry, please let me know :)

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