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El mié, 14 de jul. de 2021 a la(s) 13:04, Benoît Minisini (g4mba5 at gmail.com)

> >> I didn't find a SQLite ODBC database driver on my Ubuntu? Did I miss it?
puff winbuntu

for old debian users.. is here
and for most newer debian just apt from main repos

1) The record count is badly computed because apparently some of the
> ODBC functions return unexpected incoherent results.

lest clarify something.. the ODBC isql said:

-> SQLRowCount returns 0 <- this is only if there's no error
-> 4 rows fetched <- this is a row count but read the following:

there's not api definition on ODBC for row count results, each odbc module
has their own feature, by example the mysql school one returns row count
when insert DML SQL are performed, but that's is not SQL ANSI defined!

> The workaround is to switch to no record count mode.

dont worry--

> 2) 'gb.db.odbc' tries to set the ODBC statements scrollable flag, so
> that it can freely switch between rows. The ODBC driver returns a
> success (i.e. it tells "you can do that"), but then either it fails to
> switch to a row or to return row contents without raising any error at all.

already explained before but less technically

> I will try to find a workaround too.
> Maybe it's me or ZxMarce that do not use the API the right way. Probably
> it's ODBC that is wrong.

NO is just a API fault..  keep the good work! you can doit!

> So I suggest NOT using ODBC at all as much as possible.

IMPOSSIBLE! the reasons are obvious!

> No driver behaves the same. To make ODBC really transparent in Gambas,
> one will have to write one code different for each ODBC driver, making
> all the ODBC thing irrelevant.

just follow some defaults by example, Gambas failst is teh determination on
guess the kind of data, must be reduced.. there's a problem here...

also people rely too much on non-standard SQL features. so by example row
count as i know there's no definition for!

but gambas has a lack of anidation for resultsets and sql execution.. for
example i must close the previously opened connection to perform another
query.. if the previously do not finish and must  free the connection
object! in php there's no such limitation with the same active connection!

> My two cents.
> --
> Benoît Minisini
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