[Gambas-user] Error ODBC

bb adamnt42 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 14 20:13:20 CEST 2021

On Wed, 2021-07-14 at 19:52 +0200, Christof Thalhofer wrote:
> Am 14.07.21 um 19:03 schrieb Benoît Minisini:
> > It's a mess.
> ODBC has been a mess for a long time. It should be warned about
> rather 
> than teaching it.
> > No driver behaves the same. To make ODBC really transparent in
> > Gambas,
> > one will have to write one code different for each ODBC driver,
> > making
> > all the ODBC thing irrelevant.
> Yes, the same effort invested in specific database drivers would 
> certainly be more effective.
> After all, we have experts here who work with Oracle and Sybase. If
> they 
> use Gambas with a proprietary database, they can also go to the
> trouble 
> of developing the driver for it themselves and make it public
> available 
> as OSS under the GPL license.
> I believe that any energy spent on ODBC would be better spent
> elsewhere.
> But using ODBC as a driver to talk to Sqlite with Gambas is really 
> completely pointless, since a corresponding driver for Sqlite
> already 
> exists.
> Alles Gute
> Christof Thalhofer
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I could not possibly agree more! With both posts!

One teeny bit of pedantry.
UnixODBC is a "framework" that switches between rdbms "drivers". There
are lots of actual drivers, sometimes multiple drivers per rdbms
(postgresql is a good example). There are also some "frameworks" other
than UnixODBC around. 

So Benoit's comment is true. "one will have to write one code different
for each ODBC driver" is tantamount to saying "one needs to be writing
a set of switchable interfaces to access a single framework which
switches in a particular driver". Which is crazy! And as we know ODBC
itself is totally incomplete as an SQL client API.

IMO the whole ODBC component should be deprecated, with extreme
prejudice. As Christof says, if people want to access an rdbms that is
not Postgresql, MariaDB or Sqlite then they can easily find a Linux
driver for it and, well not so easily, write the interface themselves.
If the rdbms is not CRUD (I forget the name for this) compliant, then
stiff Cheddar honeybunch.

In other words, as far as I'm concerned this is what we call here a
"SEP" (someone else's problem).


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