[Gambas-user] Request for advice

John Dovey dovey.john at gmail.com
Mon Jul 12 19:25:33 CEST 2021

I am working on wrapping theTelegram bot API in Gambas (as recommended
here before) but I'm not sure of a few things in the best approach.

For example, the simplest call to the API is to get info about the
bot. This looks like this:
public Token as string = "xxx"
Public apiURL As String = "https://api.telegram.org/bot" & Token & "/"
Public hClient As HttpClient
Public sBuffer As String
Public cmdResponse As String
Public cmdJSON As Collection
Public Sub Main()

Public Sub getBotMe()

    hClient = New HttpClient As "hClient"
    hClient.URL = apiURL & "getMe"
    hClient.Async = False
    hClient.Timeout = 60

    Print "Begin"
    If hClient.Status < 0 Then
        Print "ERROR"
        ' Success - read the data
        If Lof(hClient) Then sBuffer = Read #hClient, Lof(hClient)
        Print sBuffer
        cmdResponse = sBuffer
    End If
    cmdJSON = JSON.Decode(cmdResponse)
    botMe = cmdJSON["result"]
Print "End"

Some of the questions I have include:
- does this make sense as a way to do this?
- What is the best way to store the returned collection? I thought
about usingSTRUCT, but there is a prettyheavy warning in the wiki not
to do so.
The BotMe info is in the attached image:
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